As most of you know, I recently launched the Spring Summer 19 collection, Dreamland, earlier this month. Each piece I have created has its own distinct attitude and personality. We decided to draw inspiration from 70’s pop culture - I wasn’t keen to be too formulaic so some pieces are named after film characters, others singers and actors - anyone whom I felt embodied the essence of the piece.

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen the stunning images from the photoshoot, shot by Boy/Girl Photography - on location in Margate, inspired by down and dirty LA, 70’s Glamour. I really love this shoot, it was everything and more than I wanted it to look like, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about some of the pieces.



There’s only one Barry - Barry Manilow... He has worn an array of pink suits throughout his career, and as he wrote a song especially for me (“Mandy”, 1974) - at least I thought it was for me - I thought I’d return the favour by dedicating this piece to him.

190318_ATCOUTURE_SHOT07_190 copy.jpg


This sultry black dress is the epitome of down and dirty LA. The combination of grittiness and glamour complement one another to create a piece that is beautiful and strong. It shares the name of Stephen King’s horror novel (1974) and film (1976), Carrie. It was one of those films that haunted me for a very long time and since Sissy Spacek is such an amazing actress, I thought it very fitting.



I don’t think I could have this white tux named after anyone else but Tony Manero, from Saturday Night Fever, who popularised this all white suit. Since it’s become a notable symbol of the 70’s disco culture, I just had to make one...

190318_ATCOUTURE_SHOT02_189 copy.jpg


The name of this sassy dress comes from the film Born Free, which is based on a true story about the raising of two lion cubs to set them free. A touching, heart felt film and still as relevant today. It’s no surprise that animal print made me think of this story, even though its a very different animal.



Also known as ‘The Hero Suit’, this transparent, floral printed silk two piece has been given the name Travis from the film Paris Texas. Androgyny has always played a strong part in my clothes and this piece really teeters the line between masculine and feminine. It’s both powerful and delicate, edgy but glamorous - which I think sums up the whole collection.