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All Saints Road. An ironic name for a street known in the 1960s-80s for sex, drugs

and rock ’n' roll and proper violent crime rather than anything remotely angelic.


Of course, the charge of the gentrification brigade transformed Notting Hill. High-end restaurants and boutiques sprouted up alongside pastel house façades, while parked cars got fancy and broken into all the same.

Nowadays, as Portobello Market and the yearly Carnival reminds us, the area is still a buzzy eclectic mix. And when I moved here in 2018, I was thrilled to discover a conclave of creativity – a street of makers. Upholsterers, curtain dressers, jewellers...


Having so many wonderful like-minded businesses to collaborate with makes All Saints Road a joyful community. Notable names abound that will make your visit to W11 memorable on any day of the week.

Jess Collett - A fabulous milliner with whom I work, just across the road.

Zoe and Morgan - Jewellery designers who sparkle and glow.

Venusrox - Treasure trove of crystals and stones next door, loved by the glitterati and their purring chauffeurs.

The Jacksons - Destination boutique full of everything, has been here 20 years.

Plus all the coffee and cake shops you'll need to sustain a few hours' mooching.

Come visit!

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