Urban Legends - Photo Shoot


Urban Legends

Autumn Winter 18


My Autumn/Winter Collection has been a labour of love, and I don’t mean labour in an onerous way - it has been an exciting, emotive journey and to be honest I still can’t believe it has come to fruition. It is truly one of those “I have to pinch myself” moments...


Creating an identity and story for a collection is always important to me. The more I go on a journey with a particular collection the stronger the identity becomes - this has certainly been true of my AW18 collection, which I have called Urban Legends.


Integral to launching a collection are of course the visuals. In many ways this is the strongest, clearest way I can convey my story to you. I am very conscious that although I am the “designer“ it is the people around me, my team, who help me fulfill my vision. I know some of them will be rolling their eyes as they read this - but I strongly believe that without them I couldn’t do what I do. This is especially the case on a photoshoot. There is a wonderful exhilaration having a team pulling together for a common goal.


So, last week, ten of us headed down to the incredible Stonewall Park, Edenbridge to bring my Urban Legends collection to life.


Stonewall Park is home to one of my clients who has become a dear friend. She very generously gave us the run of the grounds and made us feel so welcome. Lakes, forests, rocks, rolling grasslands; it was as if the landscapes were created for the collection.


I cannot wait to share my publicity shots with you, as they are even more beautiful than I could have hoped for. You can see a few sneak peaks on my Instagram.


In the meantime I really just wanted to give my heartfelt thanks to my dream team for their hard work and a wonderfully satisfying day:



Catherine Danger Fleming for use of Stonewall Park

Michelle Beatty - Photographer

Jessica Luostarinen - Model       

Viorela Calota - MUA        

Laura Parkes - Stylist    

Sammy Lidz - Marketing Assistant/Social Media            

Greg Nice - Videographer

Ben Whitley - Photographer Assistant                            

Parry Ray - PR/Editorial/Social Media

and a special thanks to Airlie